We are

We are, Since 1949 we have specialized in the high precision manufacture of complicated products, often taking over from other companies who have cancelled or not accepted the production. Our production areas are,

01. Semiconductor related parts

02. Medical related parts

03. Difficult-to-cut material

Our strong point

We focus on developing the product rather than the product drawing


We accept orders even for single parts

We set forth the goal of providing "prototypes which exceed finished products" and we specialize particularly in meeting the need for the kinds of phototypes and small lots which are essential in such areas as new product development, general research and development, and experiments. We are also a one-stop destination accepting orders wthich require complex processes such as "material procurement -> machining -> heat treatment -> polishing -> plating."

Trust us for your micro machining and precision machining needs ​​​​​​​

Using long years of knowhow and a track record as well as facilities such as high-precision linear machines, we meet the micro machining and precision machining demands of our clients. Trust us with the manufacture of your small parts; parts which require minute holes, grooves, and surface smoothness close to a mirror finish, parts which require strict size control; and parts with complex shapes.

Mirror-like finishing sample by MC

Profiling sample by MC

Inside our factory

Please send any enquiries about providing solutions for your project, whatever it may be, even for single items. We will advise you of the delivery time.

​​​​​​​Lathe machining and machining

Fixture Material:SUS303 Machining process, Wire discharge, Polishing

Livestock branding Material: A5052 Machining processing only

Wire cut electric discharge machining

Gear Material:C3604B Lathe manufacturing, Machining process

A hole with a hole diameter of 30 um, a hole pitch of 0.1 mm ± 1 um

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